I hired this service for some backlinks for my new website. I’m planning to get a more comprehensive SEO service, but I wanted some backlinks for now and thought it would be the best way to tell whether or not a service is good. So far, I’m really happy with these guys! I’ll most likely return in a couple of months for a platinum package! Thanks!

Great service, great communication, great skills! I’ve tried more different companies before, but I always wanted something cheap. That’s how the respective services were ā€“ too cheap! I ran into this company by mistake and thought to give it a shot. After two months, I jumped from the first page in Google to the first one. I’m still some positions from the top result on my niche, but patience is golden! A+

I haven’t tried too many services from this website, but I used the initial $25 plan for a few of my websites. I didn’t need too much work, but just some directory submissions, backlinks and stuff like this. It’s only the beginning and I got plenty of time. So far, I’m happy with how it works. I had less than 100 backlinks when I began the collaboration and now I got over 1K!

I tried everything on my own since I got some SEO skills, but I’m not too experienced. None of my projects got too far anyway, so I thought to find a good service with some decent reviews for a low investment. I found Santosh Sharma and I was like WOW! Great costs for amazing services. Basically, you can get backlinks, articles, social networking or directory submissions for $25… I chose this service without even blinking. Now my personal blog has more visitors than ever and I’m planning to go for more powerful plans soon! šŸ™‚ Thank you!

never thought I’d pick a SEO company in my life. I know how to build backlinks, write some advertorials, submit my site to directories and stuff… but this is pretty much it. when it comes to real SEO, Iā€™m a total noob. this is why I picked this service and i’m honestly recommending it! took them 3 months to put me among the first 20 results in google… i knew it takes time, but I didn’t expect it to happen so fast!

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